Top subjects to Learn for Personal Growth in 2022(Free+Paid)

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The best time to start to learn something new was yesterday, the second best time is today! There are huge volumes of information on the internet that can help you learn new skills an turbocharge your personal growth.

Those interested in personal growth outside of purely functional employment skills have clicked on the right article. Below we have selected several courses, both free and paid, that cover a broad range of areas that many people would like to improve their knowledge in. This article contains recommendations for paid courses. Rest assured that there is no sponsorship or relationship between BearMoney and any of the offerings listed below.

In fact, we would rather you did the free courses if it meant you would complete your planned personal growth (although for our economists out there the sunken cost of buying a course may motivate some of you 😀 ). 

Have a look at these offerings that we’ve selected and find your next growth opportunity!

If you have any courses you’d like to recommend to BearMoney please feel free to comment below

Note: Many of the paid options here should only ever be purchased at the sale price listed in these articles. These sales happen so often that it would be foolish to pay full price.

*Prices are approximate and may vary depending on time/location

  Learn Nutrition & Fitness

Fitness is very important for personal growth. 2020 is a great time to start a fitness journey.

What is it?

Understanding your diet and exercise requirements seems simple enough, but many people still have trouble with certain aspects of both areas. General levels of health are in decline in North America with many following diets that are too high in processed food and carbohydrates alongside sedentary lifestyles.

Nutrition and fitness courses help people understand what food they should eat, in what amount, and the type and frequency of exercise required to give them the lifestyle they want.

These courses will take you through topics such as macro and micronutrients, strength vs cardio training, biological processes, meal plans, realistic goal setting etc.

Best Suited For: People without an intermediate knowledge of diet and exercise.

Best Paid :

Nutritional Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan – Felix Hader Sale Cost: $19.99 USD

This relatively compact course will cover all the required topics to reorient your diet towards achieving your body goals. You will learn to fit your diet around your lifestyle while still eating enough of the required nutrients and macronutrients.

Felix has a relaxed but knowledgeable style and has crafted a solid course for those wishing to understand nutrition. Modules include: Meal Planning Basics, Supplements, and Healthy Dieting.

Fitness for Beginners – Jonathan Chant Sale Cost: $9.99 USD

This short course gives a basic introduction to exercise in its various forms and provides planning tools for creating your own workout programs. The course covers mental fitness / motivation, strength and cardiovascular training as well as mobility/flexibility.

Once you have a solid grasp of these concepts Jonathan assists you in bringing it all together in a customizable exercise program.

Best Free

Nutrition, Exercise and Sports – Wageningen University Free

This academically development course courtesy of Wageningen University in The Netherlands  goes into significant depth about the basic processes of exercise and nutrition.

While it is more based in the theory of both subjects it is ideal for people who are already versed enough in the practical aspects of diet and exercise but just want to better understand the science behind them.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: PAID (However, the internet is full of great free resources)

Learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mental Health is key to overall wellness and many skills needed to budget. 2020 is a great time for a mental health check in

What is it?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT have become widely popular recently as an approach for people to work through issues affecting their mental health. The basic premise of CBT is to challenge and modify existing negative thinking by means of developing coping strategies for both the inside of your mind and the world around you.

It can be very useful in cultivating a positive and resilient attitude which will help you through difficult times as well as the challenges of personal and professional growth.

Please note that these courses are an effective substitute for professional help

Best Suited For: People who are interested in the topic of mental health and developing positive thinking strategies.

Best Paid

Introduction to CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Libby Seery Sale Cost : $14.99 USD

The introductory level course is for people who want to learn and apply CBT techniques in their own lives. The course is provided by Libby Seer of Renaissance Life Therapies and it claims to offer a pathway to accreditation. It offers modules on the basics of CBT, Anxiety, Identifying Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours etc.  The stated learning outcomes are that you will become proficient in the identification of thought patterns and the planning/implementation of methods to improve them.

Best Free

Feeling Good – Dr. David M Burns Free (books available)

David M Burns was one of the original practitioners of cognitive therapy and has several decades of practical experience applying the techniques to a large number of patients. He is often considered the godfather of CBT. His website hosts a large number of resources including guidebooks, videos, and CBT techniques.  This website is the perfect jumping off point for people looking to learn about cognitive behavioral therapy.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: FREE

Learn Politics/Sociology

Politics is a driving force in our lives and it's never been more important to understand politics and society

What is it?

You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you! Understanding the processes shaping our lives at each level is an invaluable insight that can help us in many aspects of our lives.

The current political climate across the world is constantly being shaped by the ignorance of large groups of people. If you don’t want to be one of those people there is no better year than 2020 to expand your knowledge.

Understanding the who, how, and why or the Coronavirus pandemic for example could help you better prepare for emergencies in the future as well as direct your political energy toward the right people.

Best Suited For: People interested in challenging ‘common knowledge’ about society and the world.

Best Paid

Political Complexity – Systems Innovation Sale Cost : $12.99 USD

The political complexity course by systems innovation helps learnerrs interact with political and social systems on a deeper, academic level. This course covers topics such as sociopolitical systems, group dynamics, and political system dynamics. It will also function as an introduction to the social scientific understanding of politics.

‘Political Complexity’ will be useful if you want to add formal knowledge of politics and social relations to your mind.

Best Free

Contemporary Issues in World Politics – University of Naples Federico II Cost:Free

The free global politics course offered by the University of Naples Federico II is a fantastic introduction to the most important political events of the past 30 years. The course is designed to give a practical understanding of international issues. Topical case studies include the Arab Spring, Migrant Crisis, and even a section on global pandemics. This course is useful for you if you want to gain a good starting knowledge of key internal events and the processes and institutions behind them.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: FREE

Learn Economics

Economics effects everything we do, especially budgeting and saving.

What is it?

Economics is the lifeblood of most of our social and political dialogue. Everyone has an opinion on taxes, trade, and spending money (hence this blog!). Understanding the ways economics systems work / don’t work and the is an invaluable skill to learn. As 2020 heads toward causing the largest recession in living memory, completing an economics course will allow you to understand the economic cycle and your part in it.

Best Suited For: People who want to understand the who what where when and how of money and the economy.

Best Paid

Egg Timer Economics – Chris Banks Sivewright Sale Price: $14.99 USD

The egg timer economics course by Chris Banks Sivewright is a serious undertaking with over 30 hours of video covering an incredibly broad spectrum of economics. The course provides instruction through both topical (Brexit, Trump, COVID-19) and theoretical (Elasticity, Trade, Sunk Costs) modules.

This course is useful for you if you want a relatively comprehensive economic course with the chance to participate in discussions and exercises for learning economics. The full value of this course is its depth, so if you intend to see it through, it will give you the insight of a beginner level economist.

Best Free

Fundamentals of Micro/Macro Economics – Carlos III University of Madrid (2nd Link)

If you’re interested in a more academic and policy level understanding of economics then these two courses from the Carlos III University of Madrid in both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are a good choice for you.

These two courses are heavy on the theory and will, first and foremost, help you understand abstract concepts. This is followed by a dive into real world analysis of economic behavior.

This is a broad academic overview and would be useful for you if you have  a solid grounding in social science and want to expand your knowledge base to include and understanding of the study of economics.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: Paid

Learn to Draw

Learning a creative outlet like drawing can be a great boost to your personal growth

What is it?

The ability to express yourself artistically is one of the most valuable skills that you can harness for both personal and professional growth. Exercising your creative muscles will help you stay active and connected in your life.

Learning to draw is one skill that can help you both unwind and express yourself in different ways. By understanding how to recreate what you see or what you think you will not only train your brain but also create items of value be they doodles or fantastic portraits.

If you’ve never been a ‘artsy’ person before, now is the perfect time to dive into an online course in drawing!

Best Suited For: People who want to grow their creative mind in 2020.

Best Paid

The Ultimate Drawing Course –  Jaysen Batchelor, Quinton Batchelor Sale Cost: $19.99 USD

The Ultimate Drawing Course from Beginner to Advanced is a great gateway course for releasing your inner Picasso. Led by Jayen and Quntion Batchelor this course will give you a solid ground in the basics of drawing from shape fundamentals to space/perspective.  Although not in-depth as some course listed here, this course will benefit you if you have a primary interest in the fundamentals of drawing. It is best used to explore the topic from a beginners perspective.

Best Free

Draw A Box Cost:Free

Draw a box is an interesting online tutorial series that takes an ultra practical approach to teaching drawing. It starts with, you guessed it, drawing an absurd amount of boxes. Although it is quite a novel approach it will get you thinking like an artist boosting your perception and drawing ability.

The course transitions to much more advanced topics and will culminate in teaching you the ability to reconstruct objects on paper by breaking them down into the shapes you have lovingly practiced about 1,000 times.

This course will be useful to you if you want to learn but also challenge your methods of thinking and practicing skills.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: Free

Learn Yoga

Yoga is a great fusion of wellness and fitness. Give it a try in 2020

What is it?

Best Suited For: People who don’t consider themselves ‘spiritual’ or think Yoga is for hippies.

Best Paid

Beginner’s Yoga Workout System For Inflexible People – Body by Yoga Sale Price:$14.99 USD

The Beginner’s Yoga Workout System by Body by Yoga provides a complete, guided beginner’s introduction to yoga. It takes the format of full length videos alongside tips and tricks to get you started in your yoga journey.

The course is accessible and will suit people who view any non-practical application of yoga as too ‘gimmicky’. By course-end, students should know how to properly execute yoga moves and increase their general level of fitness.

Best Free

Yoga with Adrienne – Adriene Mishler Cost:Free

Most people already know about Yoga with Adriene but for the uninitiated the Youtube channel is a force of nature in the yoga world. The channel, alongside the website, offers hours of free yoga tutorials for all levels and muscle groups.

The website supplements these videos with additional content and community based around yoga and spirituality. So, If you are only interested in the health and fitness aspect of yoga then the youtube channel alone will provide you sufficient tuition to take you from beginner to intermediate yoga level.

Paid vs Free Recommendation: Free


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