5 Reasons Confidence is Key to Success

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This week we are excited to share a guest post from our friend Rachael over at Broke Girls Get Fixed. BGGF is a personal finance blog focused on sharing financial journey milestones and help from a female perspective. The blog has everything from personal growth to finance and wealth building tips.

In this article Rachael is going to dive into something that is an essential part of the personal finance journey: Confidence.

Confidence leads to success there is no doubt about this or need for argument. But before we can give reasons why confidence is key to success we need to understand fully what confidence means and what it takes to have it. Perhaps you will open your eyes to see that you lack it and it is stopping you from living to your full potential.

What is the meaning of confidence?

Generally speaking, confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on somebody or something. When you strive for confidence, you want it to add value to yourself.

Having established the meaning of confidence, We can ask ourselves what does self-confidence means? In simple words, it is the belief that we can have faith, trust, and rely on ourselves. Self-confidence is believing one’s self.

How do you find true confidence?

You can’t be confident by playing it safe, I would like you to know that before we look at the various ways to build confidence. 

From the introduction and definition of confidence, we saw from the beginning, we can see that confidence can be achieved through believing in yourself and we will look into some practical ways to become confident.

Hence true confidence comes when you:

  • Face your fears
  • Set your standards high
  • Have a winning mindset
  • Challenge yourself 
  • Become Principled
  • Can say yes or no 
  • Stand up for yourself

Becoming ‘naturally’ confident requires a lot more but you can start with these ones. When you see that you are putting most of these into practice in your life then you can say that you have some confidence and are on the road to a better you.

goals are a big part of cofidence

5 Concrete Reasons Confidence is Key to Success

Let’s look at the vital role confidence plays in helping us becoming successful individuals. These reasons are why you should crave to become confident or build more upon the self-confidence you already have.

1. Confidence is Key to Setting Goals

We have established the fact that confidence is believing in yourself. Hence, confidence allows you to set goals, and with setting goals comes growth and success.

One factor necessary for being successful in life, be it personally, financially, career-wise, or business is goal setting. Without goals, you don’t accomplish anything and you lack focus. This means success because farther away.

Setting goals is knowing exactly how you want your life and where you want to be in the few years to come. Even though goal setting on its own is an attribute for success with or without confidence. Well, you need the confidence to dream big, to pursue that dream, and believe in that dream.

So to be able to wake up every day, set goals and plan how to achieve them. Is a bold step of believing in yourself which is confidence and there is no doubt you are heading for success.

2. Self-confidence Attracts

There is something attractive about self-confidence that attracts people to you and you can use it to your advantage and make it work for you.

When people want to get to know you and connect with you because you have that positive vibes that are contagious then you get the chance to network. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur then you know the power of networking.

Self-confidence will allow you to pitch your idea like a boss and get everyone to buy your ideas and going with your plans. People need to see you believe in yourself to believe in you.

3. When you are Confident you ask for Feedback

Even if you are sure you are doing the right thing perhaps it’s not perfect and there may be room for improvement. It is her where asking for feedback shows and reinforces confidence.

This is different from validation because all you are asking for is honest criticism so you can improve the quality of your good or service.

Only a confident person is open to criticism knowing how important it is for growth and improvement. When you run a business you are that business especially if you are a small business start-up. Overconfidence will make you feel you have it all in control. But with the right amount of confidence, you know consumer feedback is crucial to your success.

This can be the same when it comes to working, it is ok to ask for help and meet someone who could do a thing better to put you through on your long term growth goals. Pride won’t allow you to get help and that’s not confidence. Confidence allows learning and being open to learn is what true confidence is all about.

Hence, when you see yourself open to feedback and criticism then you are confident and you have a success mindset.

4. Having Principles is key to Success

Having principles simply means having solid ideas that you believe in and stand for. Those things shape your behaviors and your perspective.

Principles give you consistency in life and lead to success. It’s like discovering yourself, knowing what you want, and going for it no matter the tides. People are drawn to people who are consistent by nature.

Principles are key to success as it is another version of discipline that encompasses a lot of other things composing your full self.

5. Confidence Accepts New Ideas 

The world keeps changing and new ideas rule the world. To succeed it’s important you welcome and try new things.

Your business or job needs that new innovation to take it to the next level. Don’t be comfortable where you are just because it’s working out. If you can do better then you have an obligation to try new things.

Take that calculated risk of doing what is out of the ordinary and watch your life transform to a whole new level.

If you find yourself struggling to try new things then you probably lack confidence. But not to worry building confidence doesn’t happen overnight. If you are determined to succeed you will learn to be confident.


Confidence is key to success not only because it feels good to be confident but it pushes you to be a better version of yourself.

When you believe in yourself you are unstoppable and what better trait can a success-driven person have.

You fight your fears and take the bull by its horns every time you decide to be confident. By attracting the right people to you, trying that new idea, and not afraid to get feedback. You become successful.


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