The Money Mindset – Rewire Your Thinking In 10 Steps

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BearMoney Team

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The Money Mindset - Crush Your Financial Goals

Money is Tricky

A lot of us have struggled with our finances and professional development. Many times it feels like we ‘get it’ but things just aren’t coming good for us.

You’re not alone, that used to me. In fact, hundreds share the same story. You have a job that pays the bills, you are managing our health and our social life as best you can. But something just isn’t quite working.

Do you feel like you’re just passing time in a dead-end life waiting for 30 years of work to pass you by? If you feel like this then you’re probably looking for a way to break free like I was. The problem is, how?

At BearMoney we’ve written a lot about mindset and ways you can improve your financial growth prospects. A lot of these tips cam help you figure out ways to grow in certain areas. Fundamental change however, is bigger than a single blog post. If you don’t have the right mindset, you can apply all our tips and still feel frustrated. You need to build the Money Mindset.


What is the Money Mindset?

Practically everything in life comes down to resources, either time or money. About 3 years ago we found ourselves short on both. We were wasting hours a week commuting to a job with no prospects only to come home to an overpriced apartment. It didn’t make sense. We understood what money was and how to use it but we weren’t getting what we wanted.

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s a super common problem that affects people worldwide. A lot of it has to do with the modern economy and the difficulty we have in navigating it while staying happy and healthy.

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So what to do?

So, we decided to completely reset my mindset. This year-long process was full of twists and turns alongside big wins and frustrating setbacks. At the end of the process we realized that we had created a something approaching a Money Mindset. This Money Mindset had taken the world, broken it down, and designed our plans to get us to where we wanted to be.

We didn’t know what these 10 steps were at the time but we still followed them. Flash forward to today and our Net Worth has increased by $75,000, we have better jobs and are happier and healthier because we threw out the trash thinking and kept moving forward.

‘The Money Mindset’ is the blueprint that got us to this place. We decided to put together a book that would help others think and act in a more financially balanced way.

The Money Mindset teaches assessment, planning, action, and monitoring. It is a step-by-step guide to creating a resilient and positive financial life.

We think there is value to be found in this book for everybody from beginners to the financially advanced. We also fundamentally believe in making our content accessible at BearMoney, so we priced it accordingly. 

We hope that you enjoy the Money Mindset as much as we enjoyed creating it. Drop us a comment below about your experiences with the 10 steps.  Grab the book now!


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