Stable Jobs of the Future – The Job Market in 2030

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The Future

The job market has always been a little unpredictable but in recent years in-demand jobs have changed rapidly and many industries are heading towards extinction. New technologies and changes in population have led to the elimination of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing and manual skilled jobs. In addition, smarter computers have eliminated many highly skilled positions.

We are rapidly moving towards a different type of economy where the stable jobs of tomorrow look nothing like the stable jobs of yesterday. However, there are still growth areas that people in declining industries can apply their knowledge too. We’ve looked at the emerging job trends for the Western World and put together a list of industries that are worth considering today.

It is worth remembering that all of these businesses will require business and admin services as well, but we have left them out as they’re common across most industries.

Renewable Energy

Jobs Renewable Energy

What is it?

The renewable energy industry is centered on the generation of electricity and the powering of our world using resources such a wind, sea, and sun. As opposed to traditional energy that is finite and toxic to the environment, renewable energy is potentially limitless and comparatively environmentally friendly.

The Renewable Energy industry produces and maintains machinery such as turbines, batteries, and solar cells. In addition it also produces, maintains, and converts power supply infrastructure.

Why is it growing?

The growth of ‘green politics’ and climate activism has accelerated year-on-year for the past several decades. Issues such as pollution and energy insecurity have become key political talking point around the world. While traditionally much more expensive that fossil fuels, technological growth in renewable has accelerated quickly. We are now at the point that no overwhelming economic argument exists against ‘going green’.

When you factor in that many governments have legislated targets for increasing the use of renewable energy it is no surprise that employment in these areas is growing. The long term goal of most governments and their voters is the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables. This means one thing for the industry, jobs.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Construction – Infrastructure, Domestic + Office conversions
  • Technicians – Generator and Infrastructure Installation + Maintenance.

Skills Needed

  • Machining
  • Construction
  • Installation and Maintenance

Health Care / Elder Care

Jobs Healthcare

What is it?

The Health Care industry is already a massive presence in the current economy an experiences stable year-on-year growth. Health care involves the treatment and prevention of health issues as well as rehabilitation and long term care. With an aging population, the Western World is going to see a skyrocketing demand for health services across the board but particularly in elder care.

Elder care is a subset of health care that centers on older people with long-term and complex health issues. Many times this involves them living full-time in medical facilities staffed by heath care workers.

Why is it growing?

The job growth in this industry is based on demographic changes and increasing life expectancy in developed countries. Quite simply, there are more older people in need of care than there are people to care for them.

In addition, as people live longer the complexity of their health needs increases making for a growth industry that has built in generational stability. Also a factor is the decrease in children taking care of their elderly relatives due to social changes.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Medicine: Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists
  • Healthcare: Healthcare Aides, Orderlies, Care Home Staff

Skills Needed

  • Medical care provision
  • Rehabilitative care provision
  • Long term care provision
  • Soft Skills


Jobs Logistics

What is it?

Logistics is the business of transporting goods throughout the entire supply chain from raw material to customer and everything in between. It involves dozens of separate sub-industries such as warehousing, transportation, and last-mile delivery.

The logistics industry is the lifeblood of the modern consumer economy and is involved in shipping and storing goods 24/7 365. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, those involved in these activities weathered the storm much better than most other industries.

Why is it growing?

We keep buying stuff. Seriously, this entire industry is based on our consistently growing demand. Consumers in every industry want access to and increasing variety and quantity of goods from all over the world.

This has happened alongside the growth in online shopping. The explosive growth of companies like Amazon has meant that huge warehouses and huge delivery fleets are needed to carry out business in the modern economy.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Warehousing: Warehouse management+operations
  • Transport: Fleet management, Delivery, Brokering
  • Supply Chain: Supply chain management

Skills Needed

  • Supply chain planning+management
  • Vehicle operation
  • Machinery operation
  • Goods shipping and handling

Statistics, Economics, and Data Analysis

Jobs Stats

What is it?

We have already talked a little about the importance of data here but the overall application of statistics to business is a core part of all economic activity. Every business tries to leverage its assets as efficiently as possible. The ‘Data’ industry is the hardware,software,and people used to assist in this leveraging.

While most companies have an analysis department, data has become and industry in its own right. Companies design, implement, and maintain systems on behalf of clients creating highly-skilled jobs in the process.

Why is it growing?

The data industry is growing because it has proven profitable for both companies and governments. Money spent on data normally either makes more money or saves more money over a period of time. It is a very solid investment to make.

In addition, the amount of data available to leverage is increasing at an exponential rate. The value and scope of what you can do with data is always evolving and as such, jobs appear regularly.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Engineering/Development: Software Development, Database engineering+maintenance.
  • Analysis: Data Analytics, Statistical Modeling

Skills Needed

  • Engineering+Development: Software development, computer science
  • Analysis: Statistics, Analysis, Visualization, Soft Skills.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Jobs Robot

What is it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation combined are the single most disruptive force in the new labor market. According to some reports the shift from human to robot workers is going to reduce total jobs available in the world by over 8% by 2030.

AI and robotics are the industries that will design and build these robots and the software that runs them. It is a very highly skilled field that is still in its infancy compared to most others on this list. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed to create jobs well into the future.

Why is it growing?

AI/Robotics is growing for much the same reason that the data industry is growing, it is generating profits/savings for companies. Over a lifetime of operation a single robot will do the work of dozens of humans just as well or better. With consumers demanding cheaper prices many companies are happy to change to robots to solve their cost issues.

New technology and AI is also allowing the robots to perform more complex tasks to a higher degree of accuracy, including tasks such as scanning for diseases in patients. Simply, the more robots, the more tasks, the more jobs creating and maintaining them.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Design: AI development, robotic engineering
  • Technicians: installation+maintenance.
  • Management: Automation of businesses

Skills Needed

  • Design: AI development, computer science, engineering.
  • Technicians: Machinery installation, machinery maintenance
  • Management: Project management + organization change management

Wildcard Industry – Cannabis

Jobs Cannabis

What is it?

This one is pretty self explanatory, the cannabis industry spans everything involved in growing and selling cannabis. While still illegal in the majority of countries, legalization and decriminalization has gathered serious momentum in recent years. Canada legalized cannabis in 2019 and although slow to gain momentum, it is definitely a growth industry (no pun intended).

The unique aspect of this industry is that it is a hybrid of agriculture, supplements, and drugs rolled into one. Cannabis as a business involves a self-contained market that touches many different areas, providing many different jobs. While not legal everywhere, it is already big business and is not stopping anytime soon.

Why is it growing?

The cannabis industry is growing because social attitudes to the consumption of cannabis products is changing. Without going into the hard science of the drug it has anecdotally proved effective for many people and in their eyes is worth any established downsides. In addition, cannabis derivatives and hemp have proved incredibly useful for industries as diverse as skincare and construction materials.

The consensus is that cannabis the crop is too useful to be prohibited in the long term and as such it will inch forward in creating new and novel jobs across multiple industries.

Key Jobs in the Sector

  • Agriculture : Cannabis cultivation, component extraction
  • Industrial: Agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, raw materials

Skills Needed

  • Agriculture: Farming, food processing, horticulture
  • Industrial: Equipment design+fabrication+maintenance, raw material production

Have you seen any interesting long-term shifts in your industry? Let us know below in the comments.


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  1. Nice article! The wind industry has really picked up in my area over the last 10 years, has low educational requirements, and provides a really nice income in a low cost of living area. Definitely worth looking into!

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